Texas Hold’em Odds and Probabilities Part 3

Implied Odds

In the above example, it was possible to calculate your pot odds by considering your outs in comparison to the size of the pot. But what about when you anticipate the size of the pot to increase in the upcoming rounds of betting? Shouldn’t you also try to factor this into your decision-making, especially if you end up hitting your card? Yes, you should, and this is where implied odds come into play. You have probably heard this term being used and, yes, it’s a bit more complicated than determining pot odds but really it is just a logical continuation of the same concept.

Have a look at the following example. You’re holding a pair of tens in the late betting position in an 8-handed game of Texas Hold’em and the first guy to play raises. You have calculated that if you end up flopping another ten, you stand a good chance of being the favorite to win a nice-sized pot (especially if you manage to trap a few callers in between the early-raiser and your next bet). Now, the odds you’re getting here don’t exactly reflect what would happen if you spike a ten. These are your implied odds, which naturally require a few assumptions but can greatly help you make a decision under a particular set of circumstances, like the one mentioned above. The more you dabble with pot odds, the easier it will become to start reading the situation and predicting what will happen in subsequent rounds of betting.

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